Prof. Dr. Ghada Abd El Monaem Mosa

 There is no doubt that the Faculty of Arts is one of the most prestigious faculties in Alexandria University. The Faculty establishment date was prior to the establishment date of Alexandria University itself. The Faculty of Arts was established in Alexandria in 1938/1939 affiliating to of King Fuad I University (Cairo University now) while the university was established in 1942, so the faculty became the first faculty in Alexandria University.

The Faculty of Arts is based on two essential bases: the first is linguistic and Literature studies; the second is the social and humanities science.

The faculty for more than half century witnessed many development stages in various disciplines that allowed new curriculums to be studied, creating new departments and distinguished programs. The faculty has come a long way in its donation and is working to spread knowledge, culture and education to communicate with local, regional and international community.  The faculty is proud of its alumni who became figures in all knowledge fields.

The faculty vision is based on achieving academic leadership among regional and international faculties and seeking prominent position internationally. It also serves the society by providing its distinguished intellectuals, thinker and educated alumni with high qualifications for the labor market.   

The Faculty of Arts works to preserve the human heritage and to establish moral values ​​in education, scientific research and community service in addition to the promotion of human behavior, respect for others, human rights and the equality of human beings without regard to gender, religion, race or cultural background. This is achieved through the various disciplines objectives of understanding the cultures and civilizations of different languages.

The faculty seeks to keep pace with all modern developments in its various programs in all academic departments of the faculty, and to achieve the requirements of the labor market through the continuous development of these programs aligned with modern patterns in teaching and learning. The faculty provides self-learning resources compatible with learning styles such as the Internet, digital library, and electronic courses in some departments and also the field training programs summer programs are available within the curriculum. The faculty is keen to provide equal learning opportunities, provide support and guidance, encourage student activities and connect the student with the faculty after graduating through the graduates association.

My students ...Welcome to the Faculty of Arts to receive knowledge, culture and science, and develop your personal and cognitive skills. I ask God Almighty to help us all to serve our beloved country.

May Allah bless you and guide you to success.


Dean of the Faculty of Arts

Prof. Dr. Ghada Abdel Moneim Mousa