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There is no doubt that the Faculty of Arts is one of the most prestigious faculties in Alexandria University. The Faculty establishment date was prior to the establishment date of Alexandria University itself. The Faculty of Arts was established in Alexandria in 1938/1939 affiliating to of King Fuad I University (Cairo University now) while the university was established in 1942, so the faculty became the first faculty in Alexandria University. The Faculty of Arts is based on two essential bases: the first is linguistic and Literature studies; the second is the social and humanities science. The faculty for more than half century witnessed many development stages in various disciplines that allowed new curriculums to be studied, creating new departments and distinguished programs. The faculty has come a long way in its donation and is working to spread knowledge, culture and education to communicate with local, regional and international community.  The faculty is proud of its alumni who became figures in all knowledge fields........ More

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Achieving excellence in pharmacy education and practice both regionally and globally .


The Faculty of Pharmacy at Alexandria University is committed to provide the regional community with distinguished pharmacists; scientifically, professionally and ethically, capable of promoting the healthcare system and pharmaceutical industries via excellent education, endorsing innovation, scientific research and entrepreneurship as well as social engagement.


Developing and updating programs and curricula for the undergraduate and postgraduate stages to keep pace with the rapid development in the field of pharmaceutical sciences.

Supporting scientific research in the field of pharmaceutical sciences.

Enhancing community participation and developing the environment.

Developing the performance and raising the efficiency of the financial and administrative apparatus.

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